Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. It’s capable of doing everything you’d expect a desktop computer to do, from browsing the internet and playing high-definition video, to making spreadsheets, word-processing, and playing games.

What’s more, the Raspberry Pi has the ability to interact with the outside world, and has been used in a wide array of digital maker projects, from music machines and parent detectors to weather stations and tweeting birdhouses with infra-red cameras. We want to see the Raspberry Pi being used by kids all over the world to learn to program and understand how computers work.

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Raspberry Pi Case

Raspberry Pi Case

  • Official enclosure from the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • 5 part enclosure, Dimensions: 96mmx70mmx25mm
  • Raspberry coloured enclosure with White removable lid and sides
  • Removable lid is provided for easy access to the camera and display ports. This removable lid will also support access to an attached Raspberry Pi HAT devic
  • Removable GPIO side is provided for easy access to the 40-pin GPIO port (and attaching a ribbon cable)
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi Model B+

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£6.60 inc VAT

Raspberry Pi 2 & Mathworks Starter kit

Element 14 Raspberry Pi 2 & Mathworks Starter kit

MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite makes it easy to model, simulate, and analyze fun projects such as a personal weather station or a face-detecting robot. Build and realize them on popular low-cost hardware platforms like Arduino® and Raspberry Pi®. Develop important career skills by using the same tools that professional engineers and scientists use every day.

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£128.82 inc VAT

Raspberry Pi Cadsoft Starter kit

Raspberry Pi Cadsoft Starter kit

The Raspberry Pi Cadsoft Starter kit has what you need to get started with the Pi. Just the basics, A memory card, Power supply and a clear case. This kit includes a translucent case that can sit on a desk or hang on a wall.the case also has a great feature in that it can also hold the Pi Camera.Included in this kit is the latest Cadsoft Hobbyist Software V7. This software runs on a Windows PC, MAC OSX and Linux. The Cadsoft software is used to add-on boards or HAT compatible boards for the Raspberry Pi. there are many templates ready to go as well as what you create on your own.

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£130.80 inc VAT

Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B | 1GB RAM



£29.93 inc VAT

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U:Create Raspberry Pi Kits

Everything you need to get started...

Raspberry Pi2 with NOOBs

Raspberry Pi 2 with NOOBs


£33.94 inc VAT

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8GB Class 10 SD Card

8GB Class 10 SD Card


£9.92 inc VAT

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Raspberry Pi™ Model A+

Raspberry Pi™ Model A+


£16.84 inc VAT

Order Code: SC13576

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