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Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

Get stuck in with the extensive CPC range of tapes, adhesives and sealants. From silicone sealants to epoxy resin, building adhesives and duct tape, you will be ready for any job on any surface - be it glass, metal, stone, tile or wood. We only stock the brands that you can trust such Evo-Stik, Everbuild, Loctite and Gorilla Glue, so when you are looking for that contact adhesive or expanding foam, you are assured to be dealing with a product that completes the job to a high standard. Fill, fix and insulate all holes and cracks that you find by selecting the correct sealant for you. Choose from our range of all-purpose sealants all the way to bath & sanitary sealants for the kitchen and bathroom to high temperature and roof & gutter sealants to prevent water leaks as well as all of the appropriate sealant guns and tools. We stock tape for every purpose. Buy your duct tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, PTFE tape, insulation tape and more for a thoroughly professional finish.

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