Commercial Displays

Commercial Displays

See the future through Digital Signage

A commercial grade display screen is the standout solution for businesses when it comes to high quality professional digital signage. A screen that presents your brand, business or organisation in a dynamic and engaging manner is a great way to bring content to life and connect with people.

Enhanced warranties, built-in media options and high-tech designs devised to outlast consumer TVs are just a few benefits that commercial displays offer. To find out how we can offer you a solution to your digital needs, contact us today by completing and submitting the form or email for more information.

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Commercial Displays Explained

Commercial displays have become more and more relevant to businesses and organisations in recent years, as the way in which we interact with people, customers, clients and colleagues has developed significantly.

There are certain similarities with a consumer television - the main one being that both come with outstanding picture quality, but commercial grade display screens should not be confused with consumer TVs as they are designed and engineered with very different intentions in mind.

A commercial display is produced for commercial purposes and for displaying media and digital content in a professional environment. There are plenty of fantastic models available from a range of top brands that can help communicate your messages in modern, effective and engaging ways.

At CPC, our wide range of commercial displays offer the flexibility to suit your needs in the environment you desire. Whether that is corporate, retail, education or leisure & hospitality, there are commercial displays available that will add a whole new dimension to your company or organisation.

If you would like to find out more and see how we can help assist your business or organisation, then contact one of our specialists today.

Benefits of Commercial Grade Display Screens

We are often asked "what is the difference between a commercial display and a consumer television?" so we've outlined the differences below to help make you understand whether a commercial display is right for you.

Commercial displays are designed for long continuous operation (16/7 to 24/7). If you require a screen to be on all day, every day, then a commercial display is exactly what you need as they're designed for uninterrupted operation, unlike consumer TVs.

If you only want the display switched on at certain times, the On/Off scheduling functionality is invaluable and takes away the need for human intervention. This function is perfect for making sure your display is switched on and off at the times you want.

Most consumer TVs have Sleep mode installed as default, so as to prevent them from being left on for a long period of time. Commercial displays can be configured to always stay on so there's no need to worry about the display turning itself off.

The manufacturer's warranty is something that is often null and void if a consumer TV is used for commercial purposes. A typical warranty period on a consumer TV generally lasts for anything between 90 days and one year, but a lot of commercial displays come with a multi-year warranty.

If you want impact then look no further than a video wall. One big, impactful display can be made from many smaller display screens and you'll need commercial grade displays in order for it all to come together perfectly. A video wall is designed with ultra-thin bezels making them the ideal solution for a smooth and seamless digital display.

It may be obvious, but there's no harm in stating the fact that consumer TVs are designed to be viewed in a landscape orientation. A lot of commercial displays on the other hand, are created to cater for both portrait and landscape use, meaning that image and display quality is equally as good no matter which way you look at it.

When choosing the right commercial display, it is important to consider the location of installation. Specific commercial displays are designed for different conditions. For example, a commercial display with a high brightness rating will be required if the screen is going to be used in an outdoor area, window or even a bright room, to ensure that the screen can be seen clearly no matter what the environment.

The intensity of visible light output from a commercial display is often considerably more than that of a consumer display, meaning commercial displays can be viewed in light, bright environments without difficulty.

Imagine lying outside on a glorious day without any protection from the sun. A similar theory applies to screens and displays, so it is mightily important that they are protected from "screen burn". Screen burn can occur when still images and content are left on display for long periods. Fortunately commercial displays are built with cooling features to dissipate heat and prevent screen damage.

A lot of commercial displays come with multiple smart features including internet browser, online streaming services and social media apps, to name a few. If there is something in particular that you require, one of our specialists will be able to advise which displays are best for you.

Commercial grade screens offer a range of extra inputs in order to accommodate various media playing devices and network connections such as PC inputs, serial ports and VGA inputs along with the traditional cables and RCA inputs.


Communicating with your customers is obviously key, but it is equally important to interact with colleagues and staff with clear and interesting content.

Digital displays are effective ways in which you can communicate with other departments whether they're in the same building or in different locations.

Introducing digital signage and displays in a corporate environment does not only improve internal communication, but can be used as a motivational tool to highlight achievements and success.

Reception displays can help create a great first impression for any visitors or clients. Whether it's general information, a personalised welcome message or a video showcasing all that is good about the company, there are some wonderful opportunities through the use of commercial displays to make an instant impact.


The retail industry is one of the most competitive industries around, so we understand the importance of gaining that edge on competitors in order to attract customers.

Being able to capture customers' attention through forms other than digital is proving increasingly difficult. The versatility that comes with commercial displays makes them attractive in customer facing environments like shops and retail outlets.

Digital signage doesn't have to be used on a grand scale. Some of the most efficient and cost effective uses have come from shops that have introduced shelf mounting tablets. This offers customers the opportunity to gain more information about a product in an inviting and user-friendly way.

However, if you're after making an impact, a big bright commercial display with high contrast is a powerful way of capturing customers' imagination.


Being able to connect with students, pupils and staff through digital displays is aiding communication, interaction and learning across schools, colleges and universities all over the land.

Digital notice boards are a great way of getting information to people efficiently, while interactive touch screens can be used to develop skills in students and pupils by capturing, sharing and presenting ideas in stunning focus.

Digital displays can also be used as motivational tools by highlighting academic success through the use of imagery and video, or as information points to display timetables, safety procedures and local traffic news.

Whether it is just one display for the dining hall or reception, or a series of screens throughout the educational facility, the options are all flexible and scalable to suit your requirements.

Leisure & Hospitality

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, takeaways, receptions, sports grounds and leisure facilities have all benefited from the use of digital signage as it offers the opportunity to provide up to date and entertaining content to customers, guests and the public.

The ability to amend digital screens is invaluable as information, menus, special offers, event schedules, or whatever it may be, can be updated quickly and easily.

Entertaining your audience is just as important as keeping them informed and digital signage offers the perfect platform to do just that, through the use of built-in media, video and engaging displays.

The hospitality and leisure industry has a wealth of opportunities for digital commercial displays, which can improve the way companies and businesses communicate with customers, guests, visitors and clients.

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