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Computer World

Get the perfect set-up for your office, home or workspace

With over 4,000 Computing products in-stock, spanning ranges such as laptops, PCs, storage, networking and peripherals, we aim to have all your needs covered.

Kit-out your home or office with the latest in computing and hardware technology. Whether you are a business looking to upgrade your IT hardware, or you're a home user seeking optimal efficiency – CPC covers all bases!

We stock the latest technologies, ensuring you are prepared for any computing task. Browse our range of brilliant machines from top quality brands including Asus, Acer, HP and more. CPC’s product management team are constantly sourcing the latest and very best monitors suitable for a range of tasks including computing, gaming, and watching movies. Our laptops deliver powerful performance and immersive visuals to give you a quality experience. Whether you are looking to work, casually browse, or game – whatever your requirements. CPC has a wide range of suitable tech for your needs.

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At CPC we house a huge range of brands. You can find the latest Windows Laptops and PCs, from top brands including Asus, Lenovo, Acer and HP. We also have classy and professional tech, ideal for office and home working, from brands including Cherry and Startech. For storage, you can shop hard drives from Seagate or flash drives and USBs from Hama and Sandisk. Other top brands include TP Link, Cello, Samsung and more. Browse today and discover our fabulous range!

Our PCs range in hard drive capacity from 128GB to 1TB – with little storage ideal for basic tasks, to more storage for jobs that require a bit more space. You can also top off your PC with an even deeper storage capacity if you find that you need more - be sure to check out our hard drives, SSDs and external hard drives.

iPads and tablets continue to provide a great source of entertainment, information and education for all ages, and at CPC we have a wide variety to choose from, including the latest Apple iPads as well as high-performing tablets from the likes of Samsung, Cello and Lenovo.

You may find yourself in a bit of a fix when it comes to WiFi – with some areas of the house or office receiving little to no connection. At CPC we house tried and tested WiFi networks, allowing for an easy-to-create seamless home WiFi network. Browse technology that allows you to unify your wireless network without having to log into different hubs as you move around. Alternatively, range extenders can be a great value way of getting WiFi to places like your garden or attic room, without having to break the bank!

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