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Pressure washers are the go-to appliance for an array of outdoor cleaning jobs due to their versatility, efficiency and reliability. At CPC you will find an array of pressure washers, ranging from the compact, yet powerful; designed for cleaning patios, decking and cars, to the heavy duty appliances purpose-built for commercial and industrial environments.

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This has nothing to do with going to the pub unfortunately. Bar, or in some cases psi, is a unit of pressure. 1 bar converts to 14.5psi (pounds per square inch) and the higher the bar or psi number, the greater the pressure.

It all depends on what surface you want to clean as there are pressure washers that are more suitable for specific cleaning projects.

The flow (measured in litres/hour or litres/min) is the amount of water going through the pressure washer. Generally speaking the higher the flow, the less time it will take to clean an area.

The lance is the long plastic tube that connects the trigger of your pressure washer to the nozzle, meaning you don't have to bend or stoop when using the unit. A variable lance lets you alter the pressure, therefore making it ideal for multi-usage.

An angled lance is useful for cleaning the underside of garden furniture, cars and anywhere that's tricky to get to.

You need to be careful on which surfaces you use rotary jets as they exert large amounts of power and force. They are ideal for paving slabs and some stonework, but can be damaging if you were to use on decking, cars or tyres.

As you can probably guess, a fixed jet means that the pressure and shape of the water cannot be adjusted. In order to exert less force on an object or area you will have to hold the lance further away from the surface.

Patio cleaners are tidier and less damaging to grout, but they are more time consuming to use and aren't as effective at removing tough dirt as a pressure washer. Some pressure washers come with a patio cleaner so if you're after the best of both worlds then factor this into your selection process before purchasing. Alternatively, some patio cleaners are available as attachments, which can be bought separately.